Le texte suivante a été envoyé par courrier postal à l’Ambassade des Etats-Unis à Bern – par email à la presse.

US government violates Vienna Convention

The National Committee of ALBASUIZA and its membership express their indignation and strongly condemn the fragrant violation of the Vienna Convention by the United States Government. We demand that the violation of the Vienna Convention, which establishes the obligation of States to safeguard the structures and assets of countries used for diplomatic purposes, even in the event of broken diplomatic relations, be stopped immediately.

The eviction of activists from the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington is a violation of international law and a very serious precedent for every country (including the United States). Vecchio and Tarre don’t represent the legitimate government of Venezuela. They represent a failed coup attempt against Venezuela’s rightful president and have no diplomatic status.

National Committee
c/o Alba, Arbeitsgruppe Lateinamerika, 4000 Basel